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Holistic Learning


Salakya is a Sanskrit term that means Holistic.

Along with education, we give equal importance to arts, sports and life skills. It is not only about making them literate, restricting them to writing and reading but it is also about expanding their mental horizons, broadening their thinking, enriching their experiences, empowering them with knowledge and skills, inculcating values, developing their personal and social skills, making them self reliant, imparting awareness about health and safety, building a sense of physical wellness, igniting their enquiry skills and creating a need for citizenship, in order to make them the prospective leaders of tomorrow.

We nurture them with a rational approach, a progressive attitude and the ability to say YES to life always! We fill them with vigour and enthusiasm to meet the challenges of tomorrow.
In this changing world, where education is evolving every moment and so is learning, it is time to re-examine the teaching-learning process. Every child is unique and has her/his own way of acquiring knowledge, attitude, values and skills. We address every child’s diversified learning need and sense of enquiry, to enable a child to discover, derive and further explore.

The curriculum at the iris Sakalya School is based on the National Curriculum Framework and Central board of secondary education curriculum framework. The curriculum framework includes big ideas, essential questions, vocabulary, concepts and competencies that further define the learning standards. The integrated curriculum of iris Sakalya is a thematic learning that builds the child’s existing knowledge with different domains of learning. This gives the children multiple ways of expressing themselves.


The instruction is based on the following pedagogies and approaches:

  • Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning.
  • Regio Emilia’s Fundamental Principles.
  • Jean Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development.
  • Howard Gardner’s Model of Multiple Intelligence.
  • Erikson’s Theory of Social Development and many more.


Fair Assessments: At iris Sakalya School, the children are assessed formally as well as informally. The formative assessments provide information about how children are progressing in the classroom. The assessments are fair and aim at assessing the teaching – learning process and are documented to be used as information to formulate individualized learning plans. The assessments are prepared from extracts of curriculum to ensure that each child gets evaluated on his/her learning capabilities. We design specific plans for development of a child in a particular area to help him/her in coping up with the upcoming learning sessions and others in the class to make the child ready for the next session/grade.


We impart education by integrating proven, world-class teaching methods with modern infrastructure and technology.  Our curriculum emphasizes on activity-based learning for which we create a suitable environment and focus on learning needs of each child rather than a predetermined set of patterns.


  • Ample opportunities for students to explore their interests and cultivate unique strengths
  • Access to personalized education that enables them to open up and grow
  • Doing away with the boundaries, making home-school connect seamless
  • Real life associations and scope for generalized learning
  • Problem-solving, decision making and forging meaningful relationships
  • A combination of projects, audio-visual presentations, classroom teaching,
    experiential learning, community visits and brainstorming activities
  • Understanding the concepts and their implementation in the real world
  • Enabling students to make meaningful connections and foster curiosity about
    the world around them
  • Examining a central theme or problem by applying methodologies from various disciplines
  • Promoting a deeper level of understanding – not just in the school, but also at home
    and community
  • Grooming students to become better human beings, not just pass examinations
  • Instilling high moral values along with necessary life skills
  • Taking the pressure of competition among students and creating a stress-free atmosphere instead of rat-race kind of atmosphere
  • Emphasizing on learning, right than learning fast
  • Respect every child the way they are, understanding their pace to learn
  • Giving the child the freedom to grow individually
  • Parents are our key partners in delivering a holistic education for children
  • Their involvement and support in school programs is crucial to bring out the best in the children
  •  Motivating parents to create conducive learning experience at home

Finland Math & English

Finnish education is known to be the best in the world and we, in an attempt to encourage the best practices of learning, have introduced an exclusive digital math learning platform that combines Finnish educational excellence with gamification and AI.

Iris Florets have collaborated with Finland Math, which is the number one digital math learning platform from Finland, used by over one million students across the world.

The program is designed for Kindergarten to Grade X and has age appropriate complexity. It includes full math content that have been co-designed and refined over the years with thousands of Finnish teachers.

  • Personalized learning pads
  • Practice through gamified exercises
  • 15000+ ready exercises
  • Digital textbook with in-built AI
  • Trophy system that encourages friendly competition
  • Upto 45% improvement proven in learning
  • *Awarded by UNICEF and UNESCO